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paladin 10th April 2020 11:48 AM

Summit EQF 100 vs Summit EQP 200
I have a Summit EQF 100.
But I wonder what would be better EQF 100 or EQP200.
Maybe I can buy another EQF 100 or sold and buy a EQP200.
Of course the EQP is stereo and in the Pultec style and the EQF 100 a full range parametric EQ.
Usually I used the EQF 100 for a lead vocal or a mono instrument: Guitar, bass, kick...
The Summit EQP 200 probabaly is less versatil as equalizer but more versatil for stereo sources.
What do you think? I usually work on sofisticated pop music, as Steely Dan also publicity.

andyfreeman 6th August 2020 04:08 PM

They compliment each other. The EQF is more tweaky along the lines of a Massive Passive: the EQ points are similar and the mechanic of having the boost/off/cut on a single switch (per band) is similar too. It’s not a surgical EQ like an 8200 or something but as you know you can really get in there and mold a sound.

The 200 is Summit’s Pultec-inspired design. So
Rather than EQF-style tweaking or tight(ish)-Q problem solving, think big wide curves. And yes, it can really sound great on a mix bus.

I currently own an EQF (searching for another) and I’ve owned EQP’s in the past. I think they compliment each other.