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TheKingslayer 27th March 2020 12:06 PM

Solid State Logic SSL 2
My progression reads Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen (okay)
Apogee Duet 2 (excellent)
Universal Audio Apollo (a different league)
Now onto the SSL 2

My studio had a recent break in which left me with almost nothing, after getting a temporary pc my next step was an interface. Not being able to afford an Apollo I seen this recently released. Bought it from KMR in England, dealt with a wonderful salesperson in Nick Stringer. In Ireland I would highly recommend KMR over Thomann.

Anyway onto the product itself, when loading up songs on Spotify the difference between this and the focusrite is massive, the converters sound excellent and id say above the duet also. Not the Apollo however but the difference isn't hugely noticeable. The preamps are a huge upgrade on both the focusrite and duet, the legacy 4k switch really does sound like SSL console harmonics. The Apollo preamps again just shade it with unison and all that.

For the money I think its crazy the quality on display. I will get an Apollo again quite soon but until then Im more than happy with this excellent interface

AudioworksMedia 16th April 2020 11:31 PM

Got mine earlier this week. It sounds great! Ran mics through it as a standalone pre and it sounds wonderful. Ran a mix through it with the 4k enabled. Fabulous. Digital I/O would've been nice but
for the money with the bonus software, how can you go wrong? Buy it!

Dallon426 9th May 2020 10:06 AM

I wanted to give a "fairly" positive review of this product.
I am running windows 10 latest build

First- The build quality is excellent and the looks are sleek and modern. I am a fan of the look. And I do actually like that all the ports are on the back of the unit. IMO it makes for a cleaner setup. One of my gripes about the RME babyface pro is that it has ports on three sides of the interface and while as far as USB goes.... Nothing can touch the RME babyface pro in terms of stability and round trip latency. I can run most projects at 64 buffers with that unit and it is rock solid. Not many interfaces can do that. In fact the UAD Arrow could not keep up with the RME in terms of stability and RTL.

Sound.. Well it sounds great. I hear a lot of people praising one unit over others in terms of sound and at this point it is negligible. It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference from audio interface to audio interface. If anyone is not getting quality sound with even the most basic interfaces then I chock it up to user error.

Latency.... Well this unit and MOST other USB units really do not thrive with RTL. With a few exceptions. The RME babyface pro and Apogee Duet seem to be the kings. I have yet to see an interface that has as well written drivers such as those. I have tried to run this SSL 2 at 64 samples with safemode on and it cracks and hiccups on the most basic setups. Even running a few tracks will cause hiccups. So, I bumped it up to 128 and it seems stable enough. Until I start adding tracks and effects, then I need to bump up to 256. Kind of annoying considering with the RME babyface pro, I can pretty much leave the buffers at 64 samples and get an rtl of less than 4ms.

The point is I really think that every company really needs to stop using generic drivers and should focus on delivering products with the lowest achievable rtl and STABLE drivers. That should be the priority of every company. After all why have a near perfect interface if it cannot in fact do the job that it is meant to do- Record Audio and midi without any latency and stability issues.

I have compiled a list of latency with various interfaces which can be viewed here. Also I must give a shot out to the folks on this forum who have helped further our understanding of how latency works. Tafkat has been educating us for a long time.

List can be seen here: