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JaySafari 22nd February 2020 11:05 PM

Stam Audio SA-800
I know it might hard to believe that the sonic quality and clarity of the Sony 800G can be reproduced at a fraction of the retail price but the hype is REAL. The moment we heard the SA-800 on vocals our jaws dropped. This may be the best sounding mic I have ever used. Incredibly low noise and superb clarity. It instantly cuts through the mix and sits just perfectly. Everything about this mic is as superb as I could ever dream. If you don’t have the SA-800 in your mic locker you are missing a secret weapon that will bring your production to the next level.

massive2019 23rd February 2020 01:48 PM

I own Massive Productions ( in CT, an audio post facility, and I've been a fan of Stam Audio for some time now. I own a few of his SA-2A compressors and last year purchased his SA-47 tube microphone which is if you ask me, a remarkable replica of the original u47. So last year when I saw he was going to re-create the iconic Sony 800 tube I immediately put in an order. Now, we all know that ordering with Stam does require a long wait time, but in this case it was well worth the wait. The build is similar to the SA-47, very solid and smooth, beautiful. The cursive Stam logo is a nice touch too. All components, cables, power supply etc. are all nicely designed and packed in the case. On first use the mic is quite different then say a u47 which seems to have a warm to it. This mic has some warmth to it but it has a lot of presence, very bright top end. Now I don't have a Sony 800 mic to compare this to but knowing Stam's quality I know it must be dead on or very very close. Highly recommend this mic. Great for vocals, voiceover or anything...

LorenD 24th February 2020 04:46 PM

I just received my Stam Audio SA800 microphone and it looks like I have the pleasure of being among the first to comment on Stam Audio’s new offering from their extensive line of well received versions of classic audio gear.
I’m loving the mic! Yes, it took several months from deposit to delivery but I was expecting the wait. Given the myriad of postings describing sad tales from frustrated fellow GS’s,I found my experience dealing with Stam friendly and professional. I was kept in the loop as to the orders progress and shipping was within the basic stated time frame (a couple of weeks off, but acceptable). Was the wait worth it? Yes! I don’t have the original Sony version to compare the mic to, so I can only evaluate the Stam model in terms of its build quality and sonic characteristics.
I found both impressive in the Stam. The SA800 and all its accessories are first rate in terms of design, materials, and craftsmanship. The mic is brighter in its mid and upper ranges than the other mics I compared it to (specifically the Peluso 2247le). Then again, the original Sony SA800G has the reputation for those very qualities I found that the Stam has a higher output than the Peluso, and I was impressed with its overall characteristics, best described as a three dimensional quality in the dynamics of its mid ranges, which I found to be highly articulated and balanced. These are my first impressions, with tests performed with dry signals going through my DDA analog console with no mic pre’s. I have yet to test the mic with female vocals. The mic did sound great when recording acoustic guitar; the SA800’s relative brightness captured the voicing of the guitar with both warmth and, in my opinion, slightly more “aggressiveness” than with a might have been captured with a classic 47. I am definitely happy with my new acquisition (I will probably get Stam's U67 clone next!).

NiceSoundStudio 3rd March 2020 12:15 PM

To be totally honest I never had the opportunity to try the SONY legendary microphone, but the SA 800 is just the best large diaphragm microphone I ever had to use.

The sound is so warm but still full of details. The microphone comes in a beautiful box, wrapped in red velvet...very classy.

The price is just amazing for that level of quality. This is a must have.

The only negative point for me is the time between the order and the day I actually received my microphone...almost a whole year. But this have nothing to do with the amazing sound of this masterpiece.

Jimmy Starr 9th March 2020 07:59 AM

I have been an engineer/producer for 32 years and I have never used a Mic so clear and with so much character as the Stam Audio SA-800.
I have never used the Sony so i can't compare but Josh is a f...n Genius, the sonic quality and dimensional quality of this mic is unreal, ive never heard a mono signal sound so stereo. And the way it reacts to plugins is electrifying.
It took over a year to get it but let me tell you it was worth the wait.
Big Up "Stam Audio"
Josh thanks for your hard work on all your products