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Rob Coates 19th February 2020 07:14 PM

U47 clones
Hey Paul; I was recently trying to create a list of all currently available U47 clones and I came across a post in which you indicated you had tried the JZ V47 and thought it sounded pretty good. Do you ever use that mic and do you still think it's a pretty good low budget U47ish sound even though no tube and no transformer?

Paul_G 20th February 2020 07:21 AM

You've just reminded me that I lent that mic to a singer friend who sings on the last Morcheeba Productions album and I never got it back. I'm sure it's put to better use there.....

The JZ47 was picked in a shootout by fussy bunch of gearslutz as being the real thing over the actual real thing because it is very warm/dull sounding and the slutz that picked it presumed that that made it the original, vintage version. I bought 1 cheap on ebay but never used it much hence forgetting about it.

It does sound pretty good considering though and it takes top end well from an eq.

The most recent U47 clone I heard is the Golden Age Premier Extended with 2 capsules and that sounded really good once it had warmed up. I stuck a Flea Thiersch head on it and it sounded magical.