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Reptil 13th February 2020 01:46 AM

Introduction Paul Godfrey - Welcome Paul!
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Hey everyone, we have the super talented Paul Godfrey (of Morcheeba fame) as a guest here in the Q&A for a long week. A studio freak and super talented musician, songwriter and producer, this is the chance to pick the man's brain. kfhkhgooof
Discography here
Paul's bio:

Paul Godfrey has been involved in the music industry for over 25 years, starting out as DJ Klear, a founding member of the underground Hip Hop group First Down. By the time he reached the age of 21 in 1993, and heavily inspired by Bristol Trip Hop, Paul conceived and formed Morcheeba.
Producer and lyricist Paul led the group to global success with their blissful, bluesy sound, selling over 8 million records worldwide. Their gold and platinum albums included ‘Big Calm’ and ‘Fragments of Freedom’, which spawned classic songs such as ‘The Sea’, and ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’. Morcheeba’s sound embodied the spirit of the era and they became one of the most sought after artists for synchronizations featuring in countless feature films and legendary TV series such as The Sopranos, Buffy, Gotham, Entourage, Smallville Hung and True Blood, as well as others and enjoying hundreds of successful advertising campaigns.
The group also garnered attention and praise from many of their musical heroes including David Byrne, who asked Paul to produce his 1997 ‘Feelings’ LP. Paul has also worked with rappers Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and Mos Def plus singers Kurt Wagner, Jim White, Thomas Dydahl, and Judie Tzuke amongst others.
Despite a life threatening coma in 2014 Paul continues to write and produces music under Morcheeba Productions, whilst discovering and developing new talent. He’s now built a new ridiculously equipped studio in an old Methodist church near Hastings. When he’s not in his studio he’s out DJing, where his vast knowledge and musical taste lends itself to entertaining pleasure seekers worldwide.
Morcheeba :)
(Source picture: Musictory)
I pulled this older picture of Paul in his studio off of this thread from 2010
And this from the Morcheeba Productions page 2017 and 2019:

Just recently Paul published a sample library called "Greedy Beats". Here you can check the Soundcloud demo for that:

This could be excellent! cooge Welcome Paul, very nice to have you here!