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sameey 12th February 2020 02:41 AM

How to get this 80s type of vocals?


How would you go about getting these vocals?

I hear the delay and reverb, but more specific than that. Can you hear a phaser in there too? or a chorus?

Would you use any specific plugins to give it this 80s vibe?


jammiedodger666 12th February 2020 01:28 PM

That really doesn't sound like anything that came out of the 80s, but as for the "phaser" idea. I think you should check out an Eventide Harmonizer.

Smithburg 12th February 2020 10:23 PM

Slapback is probably what's giving you the 80s impression? like Let's Dance. I don't hear a ton else effect wise, but the doubling might be what's making you hear other effects.

Sigma 13th February 2020 02:22 AM

Gang vocals ..slapback 1/8 note ...verb with about 120 Ms pre delay ...and a phasing element added

sameey 13th February 2020 03:56 AM

yes, it seems to be the slap delay along with the doubled vocals. I'm going to try a phaser too. Cheers!