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David 123 11th February 2020 07:10 PM

Please help! Drum recording 10'W x38'L x18'H?
I have a recording project in a few weeks. The singer is in a wheelchair so it would be better to record at his house if possible. He has a sunroom that is approximately 10'W x38'L x18'H?. One wall is mostly glass. Will the 10' width and glass be too much of a problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you

Kyle P. Gushue 11th February 2020 10:04 PM

Bring some moving blankets and mic stands to mount them on, or some acoustic panels. This way you can tune the ambience to some degree, to help mitigate unwanted pings, zings, and slaps.

A choice of dynamic and condenser style mics will also help you cater to both his voice and the room.