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rob61 24th January 2020 08:15 PM

3 Tube Mics on Acoustic Guitar
I compared 3 different tube mics on acoustic guitar. The Heiserman H47tube, the U-67 (with Neumann BV-12 transformer), and a Neumann U-87 with the Innertube mod on a Martin acoustic guitar. All 3 went into a John Hardy M-2 Mic Preamp. No EQ, compression, or effects were used. Thanks to Daniel Paul for his guitar performance.

deedeeyeah 24th January 2020 08:57 PM

well, three different mics, three different sounds, as to be expected - choose your favourite and enjoy!
the only trouble is that depending on the musician, playing style, instrument, arrangement, genre, your mix aesthetics etc. your choice might vary...

(but thx for posting, that was fun; other than this imo not much can be gained from this type of comparison)