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DaFinn 22nd January 2020 03:36 PM

Loopstation speaker problem
Hello guys, I bought Boss RC505 loopstation for my home studio but when i connected my speakers to the output (as written in the manual) the sound that came from the speakers was very distorted. It wasnt hiss. When i connect headphones to the loopstation the sound is perfect. Currently using Kali Audio LP6 speakers. When i connect my speakers to my audio interface scarlett 2i2 and the interface to the computer, the sound is perfect. Should i try somehow to connect audio interface to the loopstation?

Korcraft 13th February 2020 11:39 PM


I would say, it must be annoying to be swapping cables going to your speakers from your loop station to your interface and back as you change what you are doing. So I would consider routing it in a way where you can use them all at the same time. If you dont have the inputs avaiable on your interface, you could consider a small 4 input 2 output mixer.

Feed your interface into two channels and loop station into the other 2.

That being said, assuming you are actually using the correct outputs on the loop station, it would seem as though there might be a problem with the loop station outputs. Since you seem to have done all the correct troubleshooting (Try speakers with another source, use a different output with your loop station (Headphones))

So either the loop station output is broken, you are using the wrong outputs or there is some sort of output volume control that is simple too loud for the input of the speakers.

Unless you have some other variables that you didn't mention? Are you using the same cables from your loop station to your speakers as you are when you go interface to speakers?