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Bubbles 16th January 2020 06:45 AM

SSL Knob Color Insert Replacements?
Hey everybody!

I just picked up a used SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD 4ch Pre, and one of the red caps has disappeared before I got my hands on it. Just seeing if you all have a source for parts like that! Thanks!

pedalhoundz 17th January 2020 03:31 AM

Perhaps this is close? I actually have the same preamp and I'm going to the studio tomorrow night. I'll take my calipers with me and pop the dial out and measure it unless you wanna do the same with one of the other ones on yours! Sucks to buy such a cheap part and pay for like 8 bucks shipping on mouser tho! Try to think of anything else you'd need and order it too lol

pedalhoundz 19th January 2020 12:24 AM

Seems the diameter on the inserts is indeed 9mm. I believe those should work for replacements