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crosscutred 15th January 2020 05:06 PM

Extra live room remote for JH24
I'm kicking around a few solutions for controlling my MCI JH24 from the live room when I'm playing in and recording my own band.

Option 1: Splice in some Edac connectors to the remote cable and have in two sets of connectors, one set in the live room, the other in the control room.

This is good because it would not be likely to connect two remotes to the machine at the same time (only having one remote) and potentially cause problems with that.

It is not so good because it would be a pain to carry the remote and heavy cabling back and forth between takes and listening back.

Option 2: Use a basic remote, simple duplicates of the transport buttons.

This would be good because I have such a thing already, I could leave it plugged in and ready to go all the time and when it's time to listen back just put down guitars and walk back into the control room where the main remote lives.

Not so good would be the lack of any kind of locate facility, rewinding for another take could be a nightmare....
I also haven't managed to decipher the connections for doing this, Is it possible? Seems like it wouldn't be hard to achieve.

Option 3: something to do with timecode and synchronisers.

This would be good because locate facilities may be available.

Not so good is that I would probably need to lay out another wedge on the synchronisers at the point when I'm most skint and I've never explored this side of running a tape machine before so I'm not entirely sure what I would need to do this, presumably the basic idea would be to slave the JH24 to an external box (Lynx, Adams Smith?)

Option 2 would be ideal if I could just work out a way to hit/activate the "LOC" button on the ALIII.
Does anyone know if that's a function that can be operated remotely?
I really don't need most of the functions of the ALIII, Play/Rec and "locate" are really the only function I need in the live room.

The actual deck lives in the machine room which makes running the deck from it's on-board transport a less attractive solution.

Any thoughts are most welcome, help me work out the best way to do this.

Thank you!

brianroth 16th January 2020 08:37 AM

Option 2 seems best to me since the transport controls are a simple circuit. From what I recall on an AL III, I believe you can attach a pair of wires onto the LOC switch pins/back of that circuit board and extend then to a remote switch. One thing worries me with that mod are possible EMI or static electricity issues.

Thinking again....use a small relay inside the AL III that is triggered by a DC voltage. The relay inside the locator closes the pins on the LOC switch.


crosscutred 16th January 2020 09:48 AM

A relay, of course! :)

Thanks Brian

Jay Rose 16th January 2020 05:47 PM

MCI remote buttons are usually floating high when off, pulled down to -15v when pressed. So paralleling them isn't a problem, and static isn't likely to be an issue.

crosscutred 16th January 2020 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by Jay Rose (Post 14460852)
MCI remote buttons are usually floating high when off, pulled down to -15v when pressed. So paralleling them isn't a problem, and static isn't likely to be an issue.

Thank you.
This is the transport buttons isn't it?
I think they are already parallelled on the machine and remote aren't they?
Another set shouldn't be an issue.
I have a cable for a sync unit which I can use to tap into the remote loom.

It's the "loc" button that works by completing a 5v circuit. Do you think that will survive a 50' cable run? (Live room to machine to remote)
I've had a look at the schematic and it would be an easy job to fit a relay.