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pedalhoundz 12th January 2020 06:02 AM

Weber W022772 Power Transformer for Vibro Champ
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So I'm replacing a blown power transformer in a 79 Fender Vibro Champ that my friend cooked when he put a 6v6 in the wrong way(key was broken off and he didn't see).

A couple of questions here.

On the original transformer there were Green/Black, Yellow/Black, and Red/Black leads. Green/Black was going to the power switch along with the common black wire.

The Yellow/Black and Red/Black are going to the 'death' cap & to chassis. The only information I've found regarding these colors after scrounging online was from the Bronco Schematic, which I believe now is the same as late 70's Vibro Champs. It seems they are other inputs for 240V(234V) international connections. Green/Black was for 120V(117V) Can anyone confirm this is the case? See attached PDF.

See attached pictures for Weber Transformer wires.

The Weber has a lot more leads than the original that was in the amp. It does have a 120V input AND a 125V input. I have Wire 3, the 125V Blue wire and Wire 1 Black Common going to the power switch. I have Wires 4 & 8 Red 660V wires going to the plates of the 5Y3 rectifier tube. I have Wires 12 &13 Yellow 5V heaters going to heaters of 5Y3. I have Wires 9 & 11 6.3V heaters wired in the original way(not twisted pair sorry) with one end grounded to chassis and the other to the pilot lamp & all heaters as called for in the schematic.

The Weber also has a center tap off the 6.3V section Wire 10 Green/Yellow that the original does NOT have. Would I just clip this wire and tape off the end?

The Weber has Wires 5(red/white), 6(red/yellow), 7(red/white) as 600V with a center tap. Would I just clip these and tape them off?

As for the 120V input Wire 2 Brown, would I run this to the death cap and chassis like the international 240V unused inputs were on the original? Or should I just clip it off and tape it too? Is there a point behind tying these to ground?