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funktoon 11th January 2020 09:09 PM

That's a WHAT?!! in this Bourne Identity rack?
This looks like the closest to the promised "fun stuff" thread, even if it says it's NOT about gear. I'm just posting it for fun and a wee bit of GS "street cred". I don't own much by way of gear myself, so far, but I do gear spot at every opportunity Like the VINTAGE N.A.D. gear in the near future in the U.K. T.V. series "Humans".

So, I FINALLY got around to watching The Bourne Identity a few days ago after seeing one or two of the sequels when i spotted this rack in a "super secret government spy control center" and had a "Did i just see that?!" moment I had to back up and capture when i stopped laughing.

A dual CD DJ controller?! WHAT?! So... even people in covert ops wanna bust a beat every now and then. I know a jog wheel and pitch slider when I see "one"!

it all makes sense when their Paris office has an ultrabass processor 7 you never know when you'll need SURROUND SOUND either.

and what better to power your office system than a rack amp because powered speakers just won't do when you're a professional!

I can't name the other gear, but it looks like it's probably behringer (should I post this in the high end forum?) and what i thought were 4 channel mic preamps might be 4 band crossovers... you know, for that flown line array off camera

BTW... the forum computer LIED saying I already posted this. It didn't, and when I clicked on the alleged thread, outside of the list, I got a "nope" link. It fought me this time, but actually posted it.

mattiasnyc 12th January 2020 05:17 PM