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Summer Of Nebula 11th January 2020 04:34 AM

Processing/Distributing CV Modulation
How do you guys process and distribute CV signals around your system?

I use wavefolding for altering a CV's shape and switching in order to distribute it and whatelse my modules are offering me (e.g. Ring modulation) but I'd like to own a module dedicated to this task.

I know there's Worng Vector Space.

What else can be used?

In a nutshell: I want a module that outputs different variations of its input.


JoeDeF 11th January 2020 06:03 AM

Nonlinearcircuits’ Lets Splosh? Don’t have it (yet), so I can’t really comment on it.

Summer Of Nebula 11th January 2020 05:12 PM

thanks, I didn't know that module, I like it.

Bignatius 15th January 2020 03:22 AM


Vector Space and Let's Sploosh are the two ones I'm familiar with.

Also, if you use a Switch or two *before* any of the *Inputs* of these particular modules then your possibilities increase dramatically...

pekbro 16th January 2020 01:58 PM

While I don't have any specific modules for that, I use:

Coldmac for 1:8 fixed variations, it can do a bunch of other stuff at 1:1 and 2:1 as well and more.
Livestock's Maze for routing as well as basic attenuation, inversion and mixing of signals. By using it's preset
morphing, you can build complex variations with it. Maths can modify signals in various ways too.

I also do this constantly with gate signals, and have a few modules for that. E.g. gate mod and Integra Funkitus,
1010 Toolbox...

Summer Of Nebula 16th January 2020 03:46 PM

Thanks for all the hints! I'll have to watch some videos now.

Maze is already on my list and after reading your comments my list just got longer... =)

Derp 16th January 2020 09:27 PM

This is fun for audio and CV. Mix together the positive section of one wave with the negative of another, and magic happens.

pekbro 16th January 2020 11:10 PM

Another module that's great for modifying gates, is the Cosmotronic Delta V dual envelope.
Excellent at keeping gates high or low for extended periods. And of course it's a great dual,
envelope generator, gate or LFO source. All in all pretty handy kfhkh

For me that's likely the primary paradigm of my system design, I love to cram as much functionality
as possible into everything, as opposed to providing specific modules for this or that. I may
not have a big multi-channel mixer, but I have no less than 25 channels of mixing for at least
2 signals. While I do have to go about things in a round-about kinda way, for me that half
the fun of it. :lol:

Seemingly, that is probably a more costly way to go about it though, as my system is pretty
costly for its size. Modules with more functionality are often expensive. *shrugs...

Summer Of Nebula 17th January 2020 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by Derp (Post 14462035)

This is fun for audio and CV. Mix together the positive section of one wave with the negative of another, and magic happens.

That's a great little trick!

Bignatius 18th January 2020 01:52 PM

Oh yeah, there's also the JAG by Malekko: