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ajscent 10th January 2020 08:15 PM

what sampler for cubase ? not halion
hi guys

i want a sampler for cubase - the simper the better really

i have come from logic and am v used to the exs24 which comes with logic

looking for similar

i have cubase 10 but the halion with it is basic vs

all i want to do is load samples and be good to go - ie keymap them easily

whats my choices ?

please dont say kontact as i find it way to hard to use

ajscent 10th January 2020 09:55 PM

anyone ?

shark 11th January 2020 01:53 AM

Do you know about the built-in Sampler track?

steve.lindqvist 11th January 2020 02:10 AM

The built in sampler(track) or if it has to be multi sample processing, TAL-Sampler is easy to use.

ajscent 11th January 2020 03:35 AM

ah yes , i do the built in one - drag and drop - super cool - but wanted something else - doesnt appear to be much around - i do know tal - but its not really my thing - have found an alternative to the exs now - cant rem name - not as good though

henrikh2008 20th January 2020 05:55 PM

What about this one ?!.

This website says it free!


Its a emulation of the well known Yamaha

The funny thing is, with Halion 6, anyone
can create their one instrument , including
their own mini sampler, i think.
Maybe there is a free halion sonic 3 se
sampler on the internet ??!.

rogiervg 29th January 2020 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by ajscent (Post 14441683)
hi guys

i have cubase 10 but the halion with it is basic vs

Cubase doesn't include Halion, it does include Halion Sonic SE (which is a stripped down version of Halion Sonic, they both lack the sample abilities of Halion among others.. Halion > Halion Sonic > Halion Sonic SE
Cubase does offer the sampler track though, a very basic sample function on a track. Minimal options.. but still i can do the job often.

A good sampler with lots of synth options too.. and being fully made to work well with cubase, would be Halion 6 (not sonic!)

ajscent 29th January 2020 10:50 PM

yeah , its a bit poor that cubase doesnt bundle halion - i came from logic x which is much cheaper and does give you the exs sampler - i think they should give halion away for free if youve bought full cubase 10 vs - it wasnt cheap at all