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JephFromFrAiL 10th January 2020 12:49 AM

ZOOM Livetrak L-8
I have now owned this board for a month. It has upped my recording game to levels I never thought possible on my limited budget. The preamps are powerful and quiet, the Ui is easy to navigate and the mobility with this thing is amazing. I can record a podcast episode while driving down the highway and it sounds like I'm in the studio OR I can mix a full rock band in the middle of a field and have everyone with their own custom monitor mix! Whether you're a seasoned vet that needs something lightweight and easy to take with you to a venue or you're brand new to mixing and recording and want to learn on something super easy... this is the board for you. On the Flip-Side of that... If you're looking to plug 16 things into a board... This isn't for you. If you want a great mixer, digital recorder and interface... this is the board you want. Take my word for it when I say: "Best piece of gear on my desk!"