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jml designs 7th January 2020 05:39 PM

One word: MEH. For the price this mic should be so much better. With all the great clones out there too that can manipulated to sound almost identical I'm surprised this mic is still in production. Probably the most underwheling mic in my locker. I picked it up for only $1600 used on Reverb (Jan 2020) and have it already listed for sale. A tube swap can dramatically improve the mic. The mic sports a unique boost feature that engages a second stage of the tube providing 10db of "boost" but instead of the switch being on and off it is provided with a confusing array of three separate switches. To my understanding they should all be switched all down (how the mics ships) or all the way up (providing the boost). The PSU is small and sturdy and mic clip as minimal as a clip I've ever seen with very poor isolation, I recommend a Rycote or other 3rd party shockmount. If looks are a concern, this may be the ugliest bust down I've laid eyes on. It has the same finish as the cheap $25 "condenser" mics you see on Amazon and eBay, I have no idea what they were thinking. What's worse is some were even sold with an orange pop filter...?? The overall character of the mic is NOT the original C12 sound and at $5,999 retail it makes you wonder why these can be had around $1600? To each their own but a modified Chinese clone is pretty much the same thing and they can be built from scratch for around $500-$1000 so....