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huent99 7th January 2020 08:46 AM

Hal Leonard Books Zen and the Art of Producing
An old piece of software but not reviewed until now and listed in some "top 10 VST samplers for 2019" type websites so here's my take on it:dòng chảy

Like most soft samplers the Demo version of this will not show you anything about the product except how to play presets from the factory library. All the functionality you actually need when using the product is not there in the demo version.:tà ác:

I pulled the trigger on this one despite the terrible looking user interface because it appeared to have all the functionality of its more expensive and better looking competition.
bắt cóc
The U.I. although shockingly ugly is not why this product fails, but a quick note to say, it will take you a time to get to grips with this should you be unfortunate enough to have to use it. It's awkward and difficult to work with as well as looking like a shrunk down tracker from a Commodore 64 circa 1982. Biggest problem with the U.I. is that you can't resize it and it is SMALL.

I can forgive awkward U.I. if the functionality is there, but sadly this too is lacking. For example you can't create loop points. The manual clearly shows that you should be able to, but if you read carefully it says to use loop points "if available"... It turns out that you can't create your own, you can only use loop points on pre-existing sound libraries. So for example if you want to sample a nice pad or string and loop that, you simply can't. Terrible.kfhkhkfhkh

Also the automation is extremely limited, eg you cannot change release time with automation or midi. This is true of all but a handful of functions.bụng bầubụng bầu

But the absolute worst thing about this is the instability. Your patches/programs will literally disappear leaving you mystified as to where that sound has gone to and it will crash so hard your DAW will crap itself and kill your whole project. I found a work around to this was to start the project with the Independence VST disabled and then enable it during play back which seems to work most of the time.
chèo thuyền
In summary, buying this is buying frustration and anger. What a pile of crap. Avoid.: chuông: chuông