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ruby9999 6th January 2020 08:19 AM

Nuendo slows down when using ARA 2
Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I recently updated to Nuendo 10 (latest update) and tried to work with some ARA2 compatible Plug ins such as specralayers, melodyne oder audio align post.
Unfortunately, as soon as I use these plug ins through ARA, nuendo becomes very slow and even the slightest changes of any audio event takes forever.. It can't be a matter of CPU or similar, since my system works fine even with very big sessions- without ARA..
The more regions I edit with ara, the slower nuendo gets.. (ex: I transfer 8 regions in audio align post- this alone takes about 2 minutes.. As soon as I do that, everything I do in the session (for example a simple gain change of another region) takes a huge amount of time for nuendo to react...