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M32 2nd January 2020 05:06 PM

2019 the year for analog THROUGH-ZERO
Recently a lot of new modules have arrived that explore the possibilities of through-zero frequency modulation and more (phase mod etc.)

I've been wanting to get a module for this, but can't seem to fully decide.

These are my first-impression choices:

1. Joranalogue Generate3
Has frequency and phase mod separately for odd/even and mix outputs

I love his modules, high quality and well thought out.

2. Ssf zero point oscillator
has 2 oscillators? Or they are separate outputs with morpheable waveshapes.

From initial demo's I preferred the Gen3 , but from the recent divkid demo's I preferred the sounds of the ZPO. But both modules have huge range, so might just be that demo happend to demonstrate sounds I prefer.

Anyone have experience s with these yet? Don't know if Mr Divkid himself lurks around here and would care to chip in.

Other contenders GODSPEED+ which is the digital tzfm core of their complex osc

Xaoc's ODESSA their new flagship osc can do tzfm too, and has a very original approach.

Was totally swept away by initial demo sounds, but more recent demo's less so, I fear it might be interesting but always have a specific character, much like the 4ms Resonator bank, which is uniquely original, but a lot of folks seem to get tired of it's signature sound rather quickly


Please share your comments and insight about these and other offerings

M32 2nd January 2020 05:09 PM

if a mod would care to change the title to 2020?

Derp 2nd January 2020 08:08 PM

I like the Doepfer TZVCO's. They're cheap, simple, and fun. Stick a VCA between a pair, and you've got FM for days.

Pictus 2nd January 2020 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by M32 (Post 14419782)
2. Ssf zero point oscillator
has 2 oscillators? Or they are separate outputs with morpheable waveshapes.

One oscillator.

lost_the_peace 3rd January 2020 01:35 AM

I've been using FM Aid with Mannequins Mangrove, love detuning slightly and playing with Mangrove's harmonics.

FM Aid gives an atypical tzfm tone, but I like it.