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starseed 30th December 2019 12:12 PM

Nixie-tube timecode display DIY
Hi guys. Something which would make a really cool feature on the console would be a Nixie timecode display, for jumping around in songs and becoming better acquainted with the markers in the songs.

Do analog or digital readouts like this exist already? Hard to make?

Combine one or two existing circuits would be ideal, or using standard broadcast module, and connect it to Nixies...

Any thoughts?

Jay Rose 30th December 2019 04:15 PM

LED timecode displays, with built in reader logic, are pretty common in film / video. The pro ones are expensive, but you can probably find used ones...

...because a lot of us have moved to the switchable bar-beat/timecode windows in our DAWs. If your setup lets you have multiple displays, you can devote a $50 6" LCD monitor just to timing, and mount it where you want.

Or look for a used MOTU Midi Timepiece.

Unless you're really looking forward to building your own with Nixies...