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Agno 27th December 2019 07:52 AM

Avalon AD2055 Right Channel Signal Boost When Zero'd Out
Hey All,

Just got an Avalon AD2055 in my room. When firing it up, I noticed that when the EQ channels are engage, the right signal (ch.2) jumps up a considerable amount (about +6db). This is with every gain on each band zero'd out on both channels. Not only does it boost, it sounds different across the if the the low mid band was being boosted. Could just be harmonic saturation...but nothing is distorting out.

Aside from all of this, all functions seem to be working fine on both channels, but this right side boosting is a problem. However, the bulbs on the EQ in switches are dead (I don't think this is an important detail, but I figured I'd include it).

So while I wait for a response from Avalon after the holidays, I wanted to get some my fellow slutz involved to see if we can try to track down what's causing it.

Agno 27th December 2019 09:07 AM

I finally got a chance to run some vocals through it….it’s distorting on both channels but in different ways. Much more severe on the right side with a substantial boost of the lower spectrum, but the left side seems balanced with some fuzz distortion on peaks.