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BX300E 23rd December 2019 07:42 PM

Nakamichi BX300e Pitch Control while recording
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Hi all,

I bought a nakamichi bx300e to use it as a tape delay.
It came today and everything worked (except for very scratchy faders and some tape fiends coming out).
BUT the pitch control ist turned off during recording/monitoring, so I can't slow down or speed up the delay time - which is very important for the delay; otherwise I wouldn't spend 250 money for this old piece.

I have red in this forum that someone eliminated this (I call it) "record mute", but it was on a Marantz tape deck.

Can someone tell me how this is achieved in the BX300e?
I put the manual with schematics in the attachements.
I am really thankful for advice on this topic.

Thank you,

Jay Rose 24th December 2019 02:40 AM

It's all right there in the manual you posted: VR101, on the motor PCB, is the internal speed control. Bring it out to the front panel. Or better, provide a switch so you can choose calibrated speed or variable.