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Madlark 23rd December 2019 12:59 PM

Roland TR-8 step buttons clicking - workaround?
Hi all!

Figured if anyone knows the answer to what I'm about to ask it would be in this subforum.

I recently bought a Roland TR-8 and so far I like it just fine sound-wise, except the awful plastic step buttons make so much noise when pressed, it's literally unbearable! I like to work without headphones and at low to medium volume, which is impossible when the button clicking is louder than the sounds they actually trigger. Using an external controller doesn't eliminate the problem completely either, as some things still have to be done directly using the TR-8 buttons.

Does anybody know a workaround? Stuffing some rubber padding under the buttons maybe? Replacement buttons? I don't mind taking the thing apart. Searching online didn't really help, as (oddly enough) everyone else seems to be fine with the clicking.

Thank you in advance!