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Old Deluder 22nd December 2019 04:38 AM

Finding a Foil to Minibrute 2 filter
Hey, everybody. This is my first post here but this site has been a great resource from the moment I got into music gear. I am a pretty active participant on other forum sites and hope to contribute more here once I get more into modular.

I've done a lot of digging through threads on here and on a lot of other sites, but did not really find any discussion in this exact vein.

I have an Arturia Minibrute 2, and I just got my first case and module today (I was miraculously gifted a Pittsburgh Engineering 6U travel case, and purchased a MI Plaits). Since the MB2 is my go-to synth for most things, I want to use eurorack to broaden its capabilities and palate.

The next thing I want to get is a filter. I like the MB2 but the filter feels just okay to me. High resonance often sounds sort of harsh. I am looking for something that covers what the Steiner-Parker filter doesn't.

I am currently looking at a Bubblesound SeM20, as I like how it sounds in demos and I would love to have a hint of the MS20 sound, but it's a 12db filter so I am not sure if would cover the same ground. The Intellijel Polaris also looks incredible and very flexible.

Other things I am looking for in this module: lots of CV inputs, multi-mode (more modes the better), self-oscillating, "liquid-y" at high resonance, and any weird/unique characteristics

Edit: Forgot to add, I am hoping to spend <$200. I will most likely seek to buy this used, unless my local store carries the brand.


MindMachine 22nd December 2019 05:58 AM

I would take a look at the Doepfer A-106-5 SEM VCF. I think the MS-20 style VCF you mention will cross into the MB2's Steiner territory. The A-106-5 clicks all of you r boxes and is very affordable. There are a ton of VCF's out there. To add to the MB2 I would look at the A-106-5 or maybe the STG Post Lawsuit VCF.

blakeq 22nd December 2019 02:04 PM

Polaris is definitely a great option. And is super flexible.

Derp 23rd December 2019 05:43 PM

I've got the SeM20 and get a lot of joy from it. Compared to the Brute's SP filter, it's super gentle. Depending on how much space you've got, maybe try to get something Moog-ish as a complement? Honestly, as much as Arturia's been dabbling in modular, I'm surprised they haven't put out any modules of their own. An extra oscillator would be awesome.

Old Deluder 24th December 2019 05:51 PM

Thanks for the info.
I ended up getting a Manhattan Analog MA35. Its probably not going to be so different from the SP filter but I just can't get over how good it sounds in the demos I've seen. It seems to have a few more features than the SeM20 (dedicated VCA, CV control of HP/LP switch), while sounding a lot closer to the the MS20 sound, from what I can tell from the demos at least.