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Derek Reese 20th December 2019 04:05 AM

Neumann U 67
This review is for the vintage Neumann U67, i haven't tried the newer version.
I have to say that this is a moment I will never forget,
The clarity and depth in this microphone blew me away.
I’ve heard other folks say how incredible this experience is and I’ve heard classic recordings with this mic, but never had the chance to feel it myself and I am absolutely amazed.
I’ve been trying to record a vocal and I keep getting choked up lol
I put down a fast acoustic guitar that sounds great,
So I may need another hour to compose myself to actually lay a vocal.
It takes all the best qualities of what you record and a really amplifies that 10 fold.
My voice sounds huge and present with depth and without any eq ?
How could this be ?
It’s like a conversation with a loved one.
I’m going to need a little time getting used to this and the mic, but wow I feel truly blessed.
I am going to finally record the last 50 songs I wrote.
Thank you Neumann.