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Uby62 19th December 2019 11:15 AM

Clavia Ddrum AT or Ddrum 2 service manual needed
Hi everyone!

I need to repair a Ddrum AT module : the trigger inputs are not working and i have distortion on outputs, and the factory reset of drumkits doesn't worked...

Maybe someone has the service manual?

It is a drum module of the year 1992...

I couldn't find anything on the net... could you help me?

Many thanks!

Electrodrummer 3rd January 2020 02:18 AM

Not certain there is an actual service manual for that one. That's a rare bird. It is very similar to the Ddrum 2 module, just different button layout and front face. If you can find Ddrum 2 service manual then it should be similar.

Uby62 3rd January 2020 12:28 PM

Hi Electrodrummer, thanks for your reply; unfortunately i can't find nothing on the net about the ddrum 2 service manual... maybe you could help me?
Thanks in advance!

Uby62 23rd January 2020 02:06 PM

Bump - anyone has the ddrum AT or ddrum 2 service manual?

Uby62 9th February 2020 09:42 PM


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Uby62 16th March 2020 09:17 AM