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innerbooty 19th December 2019 03:13 AM

Pro Tools + Apogee AD/DA16-X Clocking question
I have been running for many years, and am still happily running, PT 10 HD2 Accel with 1 Apogee DA16-X and 1 Apogee AD16-X. They both have X-HD cards in them, with the newest (last) firmware. I have always run the system with the Clock Source in the Pro Tools Hardware menu set to "Internal". The Digilink cable goes out to the AD16X, which then goes to the DA16X. The DA16X is clocked to the AD16X via Wordclock out from the AD16X.

...But now I was wondering if I am fully optimizing the sonic potential of this rig? So I wanted to ask -- when the Clock Source is set to "Internal" in PT, where is the clock source actually from? From the Mac? Or somehow from the Apogees? Knowing that the 16X series uses the same clock as the Big Ben, I would assume I'd want the master clock for the system to come from the Apogees, correct? So maybe "Internal" is not the optimal clock setting or configuration. And if it isn't, then what would be optimal...?

Thanks for the tips!