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analogtodd 17th December 2019 08:20 PM

Otari MTR-10 buttons
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I'm getting this Otari MTR-10 up and running and ran into an issue. The function buttons just don't seem to respond anymore. I've pulled them apart, and tried to make them work, but I think several of them are just at the end of the line.

Anybody have a line on these? They are square, 17mm, board mounted, I've been searching all over Mouser and can't seem to find a match.

Radardoug 18th December 2019 12:19 AM

Check out Omron, pretty sure the MTR90 buttons were Omrons. Look for a distributor maybe?

Brian M. Boykin 19th December 2019 03:16 AM

PM me, I have an Otari MTR10 I’m gonna part out. All is functioning except the capstan. I also have multiple sets of most all the cards and an extender card.