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Foca 8th December 2019 02:39 PM

Elastomers, neoprene and acoustic pads on floating floors
Dear All,

My name is Rafael Foca, I'm typing from Brazil ...
I just joinned the group as a user today but I have been following gearslutz for a long time, so first of all: Tks for all the great content posted.

Let me start...
I am getting crazy in order to find the right materiais for my floating floor. I'll try to give u a quick explanation about my building: I gonna built an recording studio + control room in a bussiness building, I have neighbors below this room, and the ideia is try to get it built for "Sertanejo **** -music", jaysus... Anyway, this is brazil...

U will ask me, so it is here: Total size of the room: 44 m2 (I know it is small), I suggest we should go with recording studio only, but the owner of the place wants to have 2 rooms.. U know how it is... but, anyway, I'm trying to do the best I can with the space I got, ... the height is only 2,75m...

The issue: I'm getting crazy trying to figure out the acoustic pad to use between the concrete and the floating floor... The issue isn't about load, ressonance gap or frequency. ..I just do not find materials especs here in Brazil. It's crazy. we have 3 or 4 big accoustic companies and they sell this pads for huge money and they don't know/or supply information about the elastomers .. It's crazy going for this expensive pads without been able to make some calculations ... I've seen people using neoprene and that is it... no calculation, and that is it.. I do not feel confortable doing this. ....

Do you guys could help me on it? Anyone has neopreme specs? Any suggestions..

That's it, sorry for the long post, I'll try to keep it short next time! And Happy for join the group, amazing acustic experts here! Cheers!

Synth Guru 14th December 2019 03:41 AM

Greetings Foca,

Welcome to Gearslutz! rockout

Sui_City 16th December 2019 07:17 AM

Hi Foca,

Get in touch with the guys at Getzner in Austria.
When i built my studio in South Africa they were incredibly helpful, and i dealt with them directly.

I believe they might actually have partners or an office in Brazil, as they do work with the railway companies too.

Yannick 16th December 2019 11:16 PM

Getzner is your only choice.
If you buy enough they give free advice and calculations. With correct formulae ...