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bubblebash 3rd December 2019 07:33 PM

Firestudio Project underside screws
I'm hoping to confirm that the underside of the Presonus Firestudio has screws or some kind of grounding/fastener that connects to through-holes on the PCB. Mine has several empty holes and a light imprint of what looks like a grounding washer. The PCB has holes that line up.

I picked it up used, and it seems to be working well. I did notice during light repairs that the unit is comically sensitive to grounding issues. Just nudging the PCB was doing all kinds of crazy stuff when I had it taken apart and plugged in.

So, it's working now, but I'd like to have all the grounding/fasting that the unit needs. Can't really find any pictures online of the underside, and the machine-screws used on the rest of the chassis don't seem to fit.

If someone wouldn't mind taking a look at the bottom exterior of their Firestudio Project I'd appreciate it very much.


bubblebash 4th December 2019 03:55 AM

Never mind. It seems the screws go in from the PCB side, and the "imprint" is from the bolts that the screws go into.

There were 3 missing screws I replaced with approximate matches, and the unit seems better for it. The main volume knob was real noisy, and that seems mostly gone. It might just be from working grime out, but the pops were a little extreme for that.