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SwitchesAndDials 30th November 2019 10:09 PM

Audient id22 routing for mix down outboard compressor???
Hello all!

Hopefully a couple of you id22 users can help me out here. kfhkh

I just bought an id22 and I want to use it in conjunction with an outboard compressor for stereo mix down of my mixes; all while monitoring the compressed signal in real-time.

I'm unable to do this correctly using both Pro Tools and the id22 software mixer.....

It seems like a pretty simple process on the outset to accomplish, but no luck. I'll try to explain as plainly as I can:

I want to send my mix out the 1-2 outputs from Pro Tools (which would correspond to the 1-2 outputs on the id22) to my outboard stereo compressor. Then, I want to record/input monitor the compressed signal back into the id22 using the insert returns to bypass the id22 preamps. I want to be able to monitor the compressed signal on my speakers in real-time so I can make decisions on the compression. To do this, I would think I would set the output of the compressed track that I just recorded/input monitored back into Pro Tools to the 3-4 output (corresponding to the 3-4 output on the id22), which are connected to my monitor speakers.

I've got the routing correct for the hardware, and it seems I have my routing correct in ProTools and the Audient mixer software, but I'm not able to monitor the compressed signal at all on my speakers.

Issues: I get signal into the outboard compressor, and am able to record the output of the compressor back into protools, but there is a feedback loop in the signal.

Additionally; does the id22 not allow for the 4 TRS outputs to send signal simultaneously? When I switch to the 3-4 outputs of the of id22 (which are connected directly to my monitors), it cuts the signal being sent to the 1-2 outputs so no signal enters into my outboard compressor.....

Is what I want to do even possible with the id22???

Or do I have my internal routing in either protools or the Audient software incorrect?


SwitchesAndDials 1st December 2019 12:10 AM

I found the answer on another thread that Tom from Audient responded to!
Works like a charm now!

Seems that I had my routing messed up in the id Mix Control Software. It wasn't a very intuitive process honestly, but by following his directions, everything works now (the very last step that he doesn't mention is that you have to pull the two input faders down all the way also in order to direct monitor kfhkh )

Here's the link to the thread!

Using outboard FX with an Audient ID22