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matt pinchin 30th November 2019 01:24 PM

Behringer to donate 1000 synthesizers
Uli Behringer has offered to donate 1000 synthesizers to underprivileged children across the world and is asking for nominations of organizations that provide facilities to these children that could benefit from this donation.
Lets not forget how privileged we are to be able to afford such luxuries and not forget about these kids.
So, nominations of organizations please.

Shadowkast 30th November 2019 01:26 PM

Source? Link?

I don't see anything about that on the MusicTribe or Behringer site. Nor their Facebook pages.

matt pinchin 30th November 2019 01:36 PM

The end of this video

Unless i misunderstood

Shadowkast 30th November 2019 01:39 PM

Ok cool, thanks for that. That's pretty awesome. I hope it comes to fruition and legitimate channels receive these goods.

And before a fellow cynic comes in here and says there are ulterior motives for it, save the lecture please. This can be a worthy gesture independent of that agenda if properly executed. There are broke musicians who could really use a hand and if they get it, the bottom line is it's a good thing for all.

lost_the_peace 30th November 2019 01:55 PM

Cool, I propose he donates them to:



On another note, stuff like PAs, mixers etc sound like very useful things to donate too.. more useful?

wishy washy 30th November 2019 02:00 PM

As a kid I couldn't even have a small yamaha or casio homekeyboard, and these kids are going to have true analogue synths. rockout

matt pinchin 30th November 2019 02:02 PM

Found this list

usedtohaveajuno 30th November 2019 03:00 PM

EDIT: Read the brief wrong, carry on ....

wendell r. 30th November 2019 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by usedtohaveajuno (Post 14354405)
I'd waver most of the world's poor would love clean water and access to hygienic facilities - pretty sure synths are somewhere down that list.

There are creative projects all over the world that would welcome donations. The basics are important, but what is beyond is important too.

usedtohaveajuno 30th November 2019 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by wendell r. (Post 14354418)
There are creative projects all over the world that would welcome donations. The basics are important, but what is beyond is important too.

That's fair and reading it again it says "underpriv children", not "poor children" - they're not the same thing

matt pinchin 30th November 2019 03:14 PM

Of course, there are numerous charitable causes around the world. You just have to choose which you prefer to back. Nobody can back them all and as this is a music equipment manufacturer, they are obviously choosing to back an area they can best support. Wouldn't you?

Shadowkast 30th November 2019 04:06 PM

Threads related to this brand act as a full moon signal for the insane goofs of this forum to crawl out of their nests and spew negativity.

ryankraft 30th November 2019 04:41 PM

I'm looking to see how long it's going to take for this thread to turn into a total train wreck;)

I don't see Korg, Roland, Moog,Yamaha or sequential donating a 1000 synths recently unless i'm mistakenabduction

asynchro_nous 30th November 2019 04:43 PM


ToyBox 30th November 2019 05:15 PM

I don't have any specific recommandations, but I'd look into schools and libraries, even if these have a wider scope than just children.

Also, don't know how young those children are supposed to be, but the MS-1 seems like the best candidate for this because of its built-in keyboard, ease of use, and wide range of applications.

realtrance 30th November 2019 05:33 PM

ARP 2600 would be great for any K-12 Public school system, to teach the basics of sound and synthesis to kids.

Start with Flint, Michigan.

daviddever 30th November 2019 05:41 PM

Taken at face value, there are plenty of music programs that could benefit from donated gear (and not just synthesizers: mixers, powered loudspeakers, etc.).

In terms of functionality, all of the Behringer models make use of switching power supplies, which can capably function regardless of voltage swings.

Monotremata 30th November 2019 05:43 PM

My house is pretty underprivileged and could totally use an army of Wasp Deluxes and Pro-1s here. My cats would be so grateful for the education, hopefully the misses wouldn't mind all the added noise..

12tone 30th November 2019 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by ryankraft (Post 14354594)

I don't see Korg, Roland, Moog,Yamaha or sequential donating a 1000 synths recently unless i'm mistakenabduction

To be fair, they don't need a PR resuscitation from having been unrepentant rip off artists for much of its history.

Charity is great, but so would a mea culpa for taking blatant reprehensible advantage of the hard work of other audio developers.

Whatever backlash Behringer gets at this point was totally sown by them.

sim238 30th November 2019 05:50 PM

They listened.

ToyBox 30th November 2019 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by sim238 (Post 14354735)

lol, give Boogs to Moog employees :lol:

whatever17 30th November 2019 05:55 PM

well, it gives you/us all a worthy suggestion for what to do with studio accumulations once respective clogs are popped. rather than leave it all to: a/undeserving and unappreciative offspring and others who will only flog it all, break it up, and then spunk it on crack'n'ho's
b/deserving but disinterested ones, who will thereafter be burdened with the responsibility of it all.

don't tell me you haven't considered this, if you find the thought of flogging everything off unbearable. donate to local community thing, etc.

mind you... the stories of how schools and other facilities treated some of the revered classics once technology 'moved on' are a bit offputting. having witnessed recently the wasteful attitude of complacent staff at one establishment.

seems that we are the keepers, keeping the old stuff going.
now compare that - for all the dissing and malcontents - with what Uli B is doing, perpetuating these designs into the future, making them accessible again, enough to give a load of them away, deciding that they will continue to be available and not just relics ... (etc etc)

the_soulcatcher 30th November 2019 06:00 PM

I'd like to see them giving out vouchers for folks with a very low income (less than 900 € a month) peachh

gentleclockdivid 30th November 2019 06:08 PM

I just threw up in my jumper after watching that ( promo ) video .
He is clearly on a mission to profile himself / his brand as a moral and ethical company .


elcct 30th November 2019 06:17 PM

In that video he said when a shop owner threw him out, he decided to build his own synth. Why not give those kids schematics, soldering station and assorted electronic components?
They say - give man a synth, he will play evil music, teach man how to make a synth...

Cpl. Punishment 30th November 2019 06:43 PM

Okay then.

This thread is only 5 hours old and already we've got the usual highlights from those who think Uli walks on water (with the inevitable literal comparisons to Jesus) and those who think Uli is just polishing his cloven hooves.

So allow me to offer a more middle-of-the-road comment:

This is a good idea. No, this is actually a great idea, but don't make more of it than it is or belittle it because it doesn't fit your narrative. Let it stand on its own as an act of altruism and be grateful that 1000 young people will probably have the best Christmas ever. And try to resist the urge to make a false equivalence where none exists.

Deleted 2ccb70a 30th November 2019 06:50 PM

Make sure they get user manuals

Coorec 30th November 2019 06:58 PM

Today i lerned "The Christmas Carol" of Charles Dickens actually needs 2 christmas miracles.

1. Ebenezer Scrooge to change

2. A crowd not questioning his motives and not condemning him.

sim238 30th November 2019 07:00 PM

Wait til the kids find out there's no patch memory.

asynchro_nous 30th November 2019 07:03 PM

If those damn kids are expecting a proper polychain implementation they're in for a rude fùcking awakening.