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Montreal ML 26th November 2019 07:41 PM

Montreal Music Labs Introduces Articulate
Hello !

Montreal Music Labs is a new company dedicated to simplifying music creation on computers.

MML is getting ready to launch a new product called Articulate, a universal iOS controller for VI key switching and Articulations.

There is also an active KickStarter Campaign to help fund continuing support & development for Articulate, plus current and future products from MML. Please check out the full KickStarter page here:

Articulate Key Features:

* Designed with iPad in mind, the screen will auto-update to reflect the currently selected track.

* Desktop version of the interface will also work on both Mac and Windows.

* Using automation lanes, articulations can be hand-drawn in without the need for an iPad or GUI.

* Articulate will support all major third party libraries out of the box and will be updated with new libraries as they come out.

Intro Promo Price will be $79 US