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tapes 22nd November 2019 03:19 AM

What Turntable are you using?
Hey everyone,
What turntable are you using for your vinyl archiving projects?

I have a Technics 1210 M5G that has sentimental value to me, and I've read a lot about modifications to the Technics line that you can do to really take it up a notch (or several, depending on which audiophile is writing). But for the $1000 or so of mods I could do, I'm wondering if I should just maybe look at selling the 1210 and get something else that's just as good, or superior, right out of the box.

I have yet to learn what all the factors are that makes a turntable up to snuff for the best possible vinyl transfers. So I'd love to learn what people use, and if there are any widely accepted favorites.

What do you use?

Riccardo 22nd November 2019 06:03 PM

I don't think there's anything wrong with your turntable.

I wouldn't follow the audiophile crowd here, my personal opinion of course.

For my tasks a turntable should have multiple speed perfect pitch, the ability to shift pitch if needed (you would be surprised how many records were cut at wrong pitch, not just 78's), be solid, easy to maintain, have a reasonably good adjustable tone arm and base and easily changeable cartridge.

I have a few turntables but the one I use the most is a Technics SL 1200GR.
The 1200GAE is even better but more expensive.

If sky is the limit try an SL1000R or an SP-10R cooge

jamesp 25th November 2019 01:17 AM

I have a couple of Garrard 401's. One with an SME arm and Stanton 500 cartridge which is mainly for worn records or 78's while the another currently fitted with an Audio Technica arm and cartridge although I'll probably put a Shure M95ED on there soon.

This is all stuff that I've collected over the years so isn't as high end as some people use but it seems to work.

Jeff Willens 25th November 2019 01:34 AM

We have a bank of Technics SP-15s. Hard to service historically, but becoming easier. There is a guy in the UK runs a company called Time-Step that makes a fantastic 78 and Transcription preamp as well as accessories and mods for the most popular Technics TTs.

Thomas W. Bethe 4th December 2019 02:46 PM

We are using the Micro Seiki Turntable DDX1000 and Micro Seiki 505 arm and numerous cartridges from a variety of manufactures. Also using the new PS Audio Stellar Phono Pre amp, a Benchmark ADC-! and Wavelab 9.5.5 for our restorations and transfers. FWIW