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inf0l 14th November 2019 06:37 PM

Leica shutter SFX
Working on a short doc about war the intended audience will mostly be photographers it’s imperative that the correct shutter and related sounds are used. I’m currently missing sounds from a Leica M4-P. Anyone know of a library containing sounds from this camera?

apple-q 15th November 2019 12:46 AM

Not sure about libraries but the M4-P is from the 1980ies and pretty widely available used. I guess if all else fails you could find one in a local 2nd hand camera store and ask if they allow you to record it in the shop?
I think you can also safely use an M6. The M4-P is an M6 without the TTL metering as far as I remember. The shutter should be the same.

JoeMilner 15th November 2019 04:16 AM

I did a film a few years ago about the famous image of Che Guevara, shot by Alberto Korda on a Leica M2, and had a photographer bring an M3 to my studio where I recorded a few shutter clicks, winds, etc.

Happy to send them to you if you think they'd be useful, DM me if you'd like them :)

inf0l 15th November 2019 11:08 AM

Thanks Joe. Sent you a PM