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matterofsplatter 12th November 2019 08:49 AM

Issues with clipping while recording guitar DIs
Hi guys I need a bit of help to solve a problem.

I've been working on tracking DI guitar tracks to later reamp at a pro studio. Unfortunately I'm having issues with clipping. I'm using Reaper for my DAW and was set my Interface's preamp all the way to 0. I started with a Scarlett 2i2 and even switched out to an Akai Pro EIE and both have the same issue. I'm using a radial J48 as my DI Box and I'm using the built in-15dB attenuator but unfortunately the signal is still mega hot and occasionally clipping.

I'm using a hot passive pick-up (Bareknuckle Warpig) with my guitar tuned to B-standard (baritone tuning).

my signal chain is as follows

Guitar (with passive bareknuckle warpig) > Radial J48 > Scarlett 2i2/Akai EIE > Macbook using Reaper.

The only solution I can see what buying an external attenuator (looking at Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuator) but I'm worried that might effect my tone. I guess I'm just searching for potential solutions and a discussion to help.

Thank you all in advance.

Bushman 13th November 2019 04:33 AM

Use the LINE input on the Scarlett.
Also, your guitar has level controls. Why don’t you turn it down (I’m not a guitar player, so if there is some obvious reason not to to turn down the guitar, I don’t know it).

Mendocino beano 14th November 2019 01:14 AM

Yeah, the instrument input Scarlett is a DI, if you’re using a separate DI, you need to go in to a line input. Does it have separate line inputs?