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imad909 11th November 2019 05:22 PM

Ableton, synths & midi how to?
Good afternoon gearslutz!

So this is something i've had on my mind for a long while but have never really figured out.

Basically, my goal is to be able to play my tb03 (and later microkorg) as a sound module with one midi keyboard (midi via usb into ableton). I've seen a producer friend of mine do this with a midi interface but i'm not 100% if that's what i need.

Ideally i'd like to be able to record the midi jam I play on my keyboard (with the sound of my tb03) so that I can edit whatever mistakes I made on the ableton recording and then later bounce the final take out as audio.

Would something like a MOTU Midi Express 128 be what I'm looking for since they midi keyboard itself doesn't have a midi out but only usb? Would i be able to use the interface to send midi from that keyboard to the tb03 via ableton midi in/out function?

Thanks a bunch!

Imad :)jummpp

lestermagneto 13th November 2019 05:08 PM

yeah, that is doable obviously. I would recommend reading the Ableton manual in terms of how to route midi to said external instruments and if you have a midi interface install the proper drivers etc.. and sure, you should be on your way.

I have had problems with the Motu midi interfaces over the last few years as kinda being flaky to be honest, so i would recommend a iConnect interface at this point myself...

khedger 13th November 2019 07:15 PM

I second the opinion on the MOTU interfaces (though I think the problem is their drivers, not the actual hardware). I used MOTU stuff for years and it worked flawlessly. Took a multi year break. Started back up equipping a small setup and got a MOTU micro-lite. The interface would constantly reset itself (thereby interrupting the audio). I looked around and saw that a lot of people were having similar problems, with no apparent fix in sight. Since I needed a new mixer anyway, I just got a mixer/audio interface and tossed the MOTU piece. My two cents for what it's worth....


imad909 22nd November 2019 12:29 AM

Thanks a bunch guys! Have also heard about the MOTU issue and am very much considering going for a Iconnectivity mio (or smaller one)

thanks again <3 :synth:jummpp