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sameal 10th November 2019 04:10 PM

White instruments 4500 eq power supply com pins.
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I just grabbed this white eq without a power supply. The pin out shows chassis and +/-18vdc, fair enough. But then there are two COM pins, both are on the same trace on the dual sided pcb for the i/o panel. Looks like that trace follows some ceramic caps and then to some empty through holes.

Anybody know what these com pins do and if they are necessary?

I also can't seem to find what amp rating that 18vdc needs to be at.

sameal 10th November 2019 05:13 PM

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Two more rear pcb shots

cathode 10th November 2019 05:31 PM

Apply your external power "ground" aka 0 V, to the com terminal.
Optionally connect chassis to the com depending on your grounding situation.

sameal 10th November 2019 06:21 PM

Im gonna have too build out a power brick with a special power plug. So im planning to just take the ground on the 120v side to the power brick chassis and continue that to the device. So id tie the com pins there then?

Currently the only 18vdc supply i have is 500ma.

I have 15vdc @2a. But i think thats too low on the volts