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seamus303 10th November 2019 11:52 AM

USB keyboard for MPC X (standalone)??
Would appreciate any recommendation please! I’m wanting to buy a USB midi keyboard to use standalone with my MPC X. Needs to be:
- USB bus powered
- small, light, cheap (ca 100 euro or dollars)
- velocity sensitive (aftertouch would be nice but is not absolutely necessary)
- pitch bender, ideally also a mod wheel
- at least 37 keys

Most importantly, must be able to ‘plug and play’ with the MpC X in standalone mode, ie no drivers necessary

I don’t need any other knobs or faders and I don’t mind mini keys. It has to be light and not too large as i don’t have desktop or stand space for it, it will just lean against the desk and i will put it on my lap as and when i need to play it.

I tried a friends m-audio keyboard (can’t remember which model) and it worked perfectly, but it was far too big for my purposes unfortunately.

I was thinking about one of the Korg Micro Keys 2 controllers, but they have drivers on the product page so i’m not sure if it would work stand alone with the MPC.....

What other USB controllers are people using with the MpC’s in standalone mode
? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance