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herrturtur 9th November 2019 03:11 PM

which microphone is this?
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Hey everyone,

I was given this mic by a friend who works at broadcast. He saved it from going to trash, probably. He did not know the mic's name, only that (judging from its looks) it's an omni. It has a small Tuchel jack on it.

The little silver ring (it was impossible to take a photo of that due to light reflections) might have once had the following letters on it: M(?)K 1170 T

From the looks it reminds me of Schoeps.

I know the answer is out there... help me out :) Cheers!

Matti 10th November 2019 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by herrturtur (Post 14312904)

From the looks it reminds me of Schoeps.