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Bart_UK 8th November 2019 05:00 PM

LF Harmonic MAXimizer | Saturation Analog Plugin Module - Bart HRK
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LF-Harmonic MAXimizer | Saturation Analog Plugin Module

  • Adds Low-Frequency Harmonic Content
  • Enhances the LF Content After Compression
  • Adds Sharpness to the Lows
  • Adds Native Compression Effect
  • Limits the Level Spikes
  • Two Modes of Operation
  • Two Settings of Harmonic Level
  • SOLO Mode for Blending Processors
  • Ideal for Mastering and Tracking
  • Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

The LF-Harmonic Maximizer is a Saturation Analog Plugin Module designed specifically for generating the harmonics in the LF band.

The LF-Harmonic Maximizer circuit filters the low frequencies and generates a wide range of harmonics which can be blended with the original DRY signal.

The LF-Harmonic Maximizer can be used to add the sharpness and edge to the LF content in a very easy and creative way.

The LF-Harmonic Maximizer is perfect for mastering and tracking especially when used together with Air Harmonic eXciter Saturation Module.

HD Audio Samples: