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mattias78 8th November 2019 01:19 PM

Fake wall absorber
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Hi Im setting up my new room which is a comlicated room to say the least. Dont know why architecht never think about musicians and engineers when they draw their and closets?? what is that all about..


I decided to take one of the short walls as the place to setup my studio.
So far so good you think.

The room is kind of medium. Like a small living room.
Its about 340 cm wide and 600cm long, height 220cm.

The problem is that in one my left corner there is 2 doors. One to a walking closet(front wall) and one out of the room to the the left wall.
Then theres 2 windows on my right wall.
And to top it off gently we have a angled roof in the back right corner about 150cm wide.
So the images are just temporary setups. It already changed since Im writing this now.
But thats where my position should be. The other end of the room is a sofa and xbox for the kids (F***k Fortnite).

As you see the left side of my mixing position is a opening.
So Im thinking of building a "fake wall" to put to my left exactly where the opening starts so the speaker to my left will be in the corner of the fake walll and the real front wall.

I now have 4 corner traps(stacked on 2 of my corners)
2 GIK diffusor/absorbers
4 bass traps(8" deep)
2 Vicoustc diffusors.
2 Hofa tube bass traps

So now to the question....
Im gonna build the wall with insulation in fabric built in with some wooden boards so its both gonna be wood and absorbing(8" deep) both on the backside and the side facing the mixposition.

Is this my best option or should I think about some other way of setup.
Any help would be great.
If Im doing my fake wall 8" deep then I should use more loose insulation right?

Thanks in advance/Mattias