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Warren Sound 8th November 2019 10:41 AM

Strymon Timeline Live Vocal Delay
Hey All,

Thinking of buying a Strymon Timeline being sold on C-List locally, relatively cheap (sub $380, no power cable) to use in my live FOH/mixing rig (I don't play guitar, just some bass).

I've only heard good things about these units, and I like the idea of having all parameters available on-hand since I'm usually at the mercy of whatever mixer I'm using that night, switching between pages as needed.

Any thoughts on using this as a vocal delay, live? Sometimes I like to mess with settings live if I think it will compliment what's happening onstage (trippy delays, super long decays, infinite feedback %, etc).


walnoot 8th November 2019 04:18 PM

Don't know about the timeline, but I've been using the strymon dig for foh duties for 2 years now. The tap tempo function behaviour's kind of inconsistent. Also, I find it hard to switch between the secondary functions of the pedal inbetween songs due to the lack of a clear interface. Mistakes are easily made in the heat of battle. So all in all it's not optimal imo. Sounds great though!

Warren Sound 8th November 2019 08:20 PM

That's part of my deciding factor. Strymon stuff sounds great, a lot better than some of the lower end consoles I end up having to use. I'm hoping since the Timeline has a larger footprint, there's less menu navigating in the clutch, so to speak.