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smallstonefan 6th November 2019 03:09 AM

Adding New Bass Traps to My Room...
Hi all,

I just got some new Barefoot monitors and now that I can hear so much better over my old monitors I can really hear the challenge I have been dealing with in the lows/low mids of my room. I have ordered the material to build some bass traps and I would welcome a little input.

My plans are:

1. Build corner traps in the back of the room. They will be about 40" high and will sit below the Lenyrds you can see here. They will be about 20" on each side and I have ordered some custom granite cut to sit on top of them against the Lenyrds; I don't want to build big traps all the way up the corners.

Here's the back of the room:

2. I am going to build a 4x6 cloud that will sit over the desk/mixing position. Here's the desk:

And here's what the ceiling looks like now:

3. Finally, I'm going to build a bass trap along the back wall that will go behind the couch. It will be 24" tall and span from corner trap to corner trap.

So my questions...

1. I had to order two cartons of 703. That gives me enough to do the corners, the cloud, and the back wall. I only have enough to do the back wall OR the cloud in 6" depth, and the other at 4" depth. I'm thinking I do the cloud at 6" and build the back wall trap 6" deep but only fill it with 4" of 703 leaving an air gap between the insulation and the wall. Would I be better to do the cloud at 4" and the back wall trap at 6"?

2. Any concerns or thoughts regarding my plan?

thanks all - I appreciate the help!

Jens Eklund 7th November 2019 09:34 AM

smallstonefan 7th November 2019 01:54 PM

Thanks Jens - I've read that post but about the only think I get out of it is that 15" would be best, but that doesn't seem to answer my questions.

Are you implying that the back trap should be 15" and forget about the cloud?