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Nielsbeard 1st November 2019 01:29 AM

Sweetwater using 100% CPU in safari
So lately, I'm just browsing the inter webs and my 2018 MBP with a 6 core i9 chip starts kicking the fan on high. I'm whats whats going on so I check activity monitor and sweetwater is using 100% CPU (which is just 100% of one core to be fair, but still). WTH? I get websites using cookies and data mining, but what are they doing that takes this much CPU processing?! they using my machine to mine bit coin, or something? lol

I don't know what they are doing but it irritates me enough to never buy from them again.

Anyone else experiencing this with Sweetwater or other sites?

HerbDelux 1st November 2019 03:59 AM

They are definitely using you cpu cycles to train Skynet

But in all seriousness I haven't experienced that, I dont use safari or mac though. Occasionally websites will have scripts or code (or embedded flash) that has bugs or poor programming. This can cause unpredictable effects. Especially since every browser is different

Reboot your computer, clear your cache and try again. If that doesnt work I would at least send their CS or support department an email letting them know this is happening, so they can try to fix it.

Nielsbeard 1st November 2019 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by HerbDelux (Post 14297169)
They are definitely using you cpu cycles to train Skynet