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LotuZia 29th October 2019 11:40 AM

Xils-Lab Syn'X 2 v2.5 Released (Multitimbral Synthex Emulation)
Syn'X 2 v2.5 has been released

(intro price 99€ instead of 169€)

While our MiniSyn'X is 'only' an high end Synthex emulation, brought to the XXIst century with all the advantages of today's technology, it's big brother, the Syn'X 2.5, raises analog synthesis to new summits and standards.

Two keyboards, combining 8 fully independent layers with ultimate multitimbral flexibility : Up to 72 oscillators, 8 gorgeous Zdf multimode filters, 32 envelopes; 32 LFOs, 8 Glides, and more than 500 possible modulations, hardwired or customisable ………. PER PATCH !!!

And for version 2.5 we added : A new reverb unit, custom routing of effects, InterLayer modulations, a new Preset Manager, a revamped GUI/UI, more presets and on board embedded optional Help Hood

8 layers and True Unison combined : Start by thinking about an Unison Mode where you can sculpt not only the number of oscillators , but slight modulations for every parameter among hundreds, including filters, envelopes, LFOs, stereo postion, Sync, RM, FM etc. Now extend the concept to fully different layers : Complex layered sounds like large animated Pads. Huge leads and basses. Keys where every component reacts in a different way to velocity. Splits combining arpeggios, basses, keys.

What's new detailed info :
  • New Reverb Effect: Natural sounding vintage reverb unit, with HPF filter
  • Custom path for all effects & keyboards: Chorused reverb, or Chorus then reverb ? Lower Bass Split goes into Chorus, while Upper Pad goes into Phaser then Reverb. You decide !
  • New One Window integrated Preset Manager: Find the right patch within seconds, manage presets, soundbanks and create your own tags.
  • Revamped GUI/UI with Eazy and Complex mode.
  • InterLayer Modulation: Layer X can now source modulations from other layers. Very powerful.
  • More Factory presets, in different styles and flavours
  • Integrated Help engine: Blocks and areas description under the -optional- hood.
  • Catalina: Mac OS 10.15 Catalina compatibility

More info : Xils-Lab Syn'X 2
Note : Update is free for all Syn'X 1/Syn'X 2 owners.

LotuZia 30th October 2019 02:48 PM

Some audio examples of presets using the multitimbral aspect of the Syn'X 2, and made with Syn'x 2 v2.5.

Antti H 30th October 2019 11:49 PM

Does it now have a Laserharp preset that actually sounds like the original sound?

LotuZia 31st October 2019 12:37 PM

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Originally Posted by Antti H (Post 14294992)
Does it now have a Laserharp preset that actually sounds like the original sound?

Here's a comparison between the MiniSyn'X (or Syn'X 2 because basic engines are similar) and a real Synthex, so I'll let you decide by yourself.

Comparison Laser Harp Synthex- MiniSyn'x

This said, if you just want a Synthex emulation, you might consider getting only the MiniSyn'X ( 59€ -serial protection-)

The Syn'X 2 is much more than that. You can create sounds that the original Synthex can't do. Nor any other hw or sw synthesizer, including Xils other synths.

LotuZia 6th November 2019 02:01 PM

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A few other audios demos. Only ONE Syn'X instance/preset is used per clip part.

Split and complex by Nori

Brass and Chords by Nori

The kind of patches very few analog/va synths can do. And when they do, only with a different sound character.

Please note that : These patches are only included in Le Lotus Bleu Big Sounds for the 21st Century add-on.