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zirconst 21st October 2019 08:32 PM

Shreddage 3 Legacy: Our legendary virtual guitar, expanded and better than ever!

Welcome to Shreddage 3 Legacy, a virtual instrument built on the very first, groundbreaking Shreddage sample library! Originally released in 2010, Shreddage made waves by allowing users to write super realistic rhythm chugs for rock & metal using DI samples (and no loops.)

Today, we've taken that sample set and using state-of-the-art offline editing tools, expanded it to cover all frets and all 6 strings (drop-tuned to Bb). The result is a far more versatile, flexible instrument that can handle chord strums and fluid lead playing as well as the chunky rhythm riffs that made S1 a legend.

All of these new samples are placed in the very latest version of our cutting edge Shreddage 3 engine. This gives you fine-control over performance style, strumming, articulation mapping, FX pedals/amps, touch response, NKS compatibility, snapshots, and much, much more.

Audio Demos

Be sure to listen to Nabeel Ansari's demo "Forged Anew", showcasing the newly-expanded range of S3 Legacy!

Video Walkthrough

Shreddage 3 Masterclass

Want to learn how to write realistic tracks with our virtual guitars? Take a look at our ongoing masterclass series, free on our YouTube channel! The Novice Unit will take you from 0 knowledge to making fantastic-sounding mockups in less than an hour. MIDIs and project resources are provided with every lesson.

Pricing & Availability

Shreddage 3 Legacy is available now for Kontakt Player at the list price of only $119. If you own the original Shreddage 1, or its later update Shreddage 2 Classic, you'll find upgrade coupons in your Deals Area. Combined, these will lower your price to just $39.

Learn More and Purchase at

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krautman 22nd October 2019 05:32 AM


Dave Polich 23rd October 2019 05:59 AM

I own Shreddage 1 and 2. I logged into my
user area, under “My Deals” I see Shreddage
3 Jupiter, but nothing else. How can I get
the deal for this product?

Dave Polich 23rd October 2019 06:02 AM

I own Shreddage 2. When I log into my
user area, under My Deals, I see only
Shreddage 3 Jupiter..Shreddage 3 Classic
is not listed. How can I get the deal on
Shreddage 3 Classic?

zirconst 23rd October 2019 09:58 PM

Shoot me an email - [email protected] - will take care of it for you.