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lyrictenor1 16th October 2019 06:08 PM

Warm Audio WA84 sample (piano / choir)
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Hi all,

I haven't seen much on here regarding the Warm Audio WA84, I got to demo them this past weekend and decided to post a snippet from a concert I recorded. Semi-pro chorus in a sports-arena lobby (right?!).

Signal chain: WA84 in ORTF -> Behringer X32 -> Cymatic uTrack X32 -> Samplitude Pro X3. Recorded at 44.1/24, converted to MP3 320 for GS.

Windscreens used due to HVAC potentially turning on.

Brought up levels a little, no EQ or reverb on this for purposes of this sample, only.

Clip is of the Ernest Bloch "Silent Devotion and Response." Piano only at the beginning, and the choral entrance is at 1:08.

jimjazzdad 27th October 2019 12:13 PM

Very nice capture from a budget SDC pair. At times I was wishing for a tiny bit of HF bump, but there was probably some HF attenuation from the foam windscreens? Looking at the plot for the WA84, I am thinking it might be voiced more for close mic-ing. Still, a nice recording from a pair at a nice price point...thanks for posting this.