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PepeLuis 13th October 2019 10:00 PM

looking to make no skills/tools diy basstraps-would this work?
hi Folks,
long time since I posted.
I have a 5mx4m studio. Already got some GIK 244s +242s (not yet fixed in place) but need more acoustic treatment.

I have no diy skills, few tools and have been searching for the absolutely dead easiest and effectve way to make some rockwool panels.

having watched countless diy basstrap methods, I see that the principles are relatively simple.
I have several 2mx4m Rockwool bales. Some are 10cm thick, others 5cm.

I found this video showing how to make a frameless panel by simply placing a thin wooden sheets (same size a rockwool panel) ontop of the rockwool panel (one side) and wrapping the whole thing in fabric.

In terms of acoustic effectiveness I have a thought that, for such an acoustic panel to function optimally it should allow air/sound to pass through it, even better if spaced with a gap between panel and wall.

The panel on video would restrict air flow throught the rockwool so am I right in thinking that it would be less effective than one with nothing more than breathable fabric on each side front to back and the rockwool sandwiched inside?

It appeals to me as it is dead easy, other methods I have looked at are not a lot more difficult but, due to my health issues I am looking for a method requiring minimal effort, tools and know how and achieving something that won't look rubbish next to my GIKs.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks, Pepe

PepeLuis 15th October 2019 05:36 PM

any thoughts folks? just trying to find a method to make basstaps in the easiset way possible!
thaks in advance!

explorer 15th October 2019 05:54 PM

You’re gonna lose effectiveness by blocking the front and back of the panel that way. Most designs use some sort of frame instead.

If you’re in the US you might want to check out the GIK diy frames. I have seen some similar ones elsewhere too...

I made some panels in the past using stretcher bars (for canvas paintings), but I did have to hunt around to find the right size at a decent price.

PepeLuis 16th October 2019 11:10 AM

Thanks Explorer
Thanks for your reply Explorer! I thought as much, blocking one side of the panel (as in video) would reduce the effectiveness of the bass trap.
I will check out (here in the UK) the other suggestions you made
Many thanks

explorer 16th October 2019 03:11 PM

If the back of the panel is open and you space it out from the wall (eg with a frame) it will be more effective at low frequencies. Essentially some of the sound will pass through the panel, bounce off the wall behind, and then be further absorbed by the rear of the panel.

If ease of construction is your main priority then the design in the video will still work. Ideally I’d try to make it thicker (say 6”). There is a relationship between the thickness of a panel and the density of the panel too...